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City of Gibraltar Mailbox Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish requirements for the installation of mailboxes along City of Gibraltar street rights-of-way that provide for efficient snow removal, right-of-way maintenance, enhancement to traffic safety and to establish standards for reimbursing property owners for damage done to mailboxes by City snow plowing equipment. No mailbox will be allowed to exist within the City’s right-of way if it interferes with the traveling public or the function, maintenance or operation of the City street system.

The location and construction of mailboxes shall conform to the rules and regulations of the United States Postal Service and the following standards established by the City of Gibraltar:

1. The front face of the mailbox shall be set back 6-8 inches from the face of the curb or, on streets without curb, the edge of the pavement, as defined by United States Postal Service (USPS) installation requirements.

2. The bottom of the mailbox shall be between 41 inches and 45 inches from the top of the pavement, as defined by USPS installation requirements.

3. The mailbox support post construction shall meet the following standards:
     A. The mailbox support structure shall not be constructed of masonry or concrete material.
     B. Mailbox support structures shall comply with AASHTO’s Roadside Design Guide, section           4.6.5 Mailbox Supports, and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards.
     C. Mailbox support structures shall:

     i. If wood, be no greater than either 4 inches by 4 inches if the structure is square or 4 inches in diameter if the structure is round;
     ii. If metal, have strength no greater than a 2 inch diameter standard strength steel pipe;
     iii. Not be embedded more than 24 inches into the ground nor set in concrete, unless the support design has been shown to be safe by crash tests; and
     iv. Shall be located a minimum of 18 inches from the back of the curb.

4. Mailboxes not conforming to the requirements of this policy that were located within the street rightof-way before the effective date of this policy are permitted, subject to the following conditions:

     A. No alteration or addition to a non-conforming mailbox is permitted, except in conformity
with this policy.

     B. If any non-conforming mailbox is damaged or destroyed by any means, or if a nonconforming
mailbox is removed due to street or utility construction or similar work, repair or
reconstruction will be permitted only in conformity with this policy.

5. The owner of the mailbox shall be solely responsible for the maintenance of a mailbox and support that is installed in the City’s right-of-way.

6. The City will plow the snow the best it can, but it is the owner’s responsibility to make the mailbox accessible for the delivery person.


1. The Department of Public Works is conscientious in performing their duties, but cannot avoid
occasional damage to mailboxes.

2. The City will reimburse upon receipt of a paid invoice, any property owner up to $40.00 to cover the cost of materials for the repair or replacement of the mailbox from any damages caused by snow plowing activities, only when it has been determined that:
A. The damage was caused by actual physical contact with City snow plowing equipment. Such
examples would include, but are not limited to, the mailbox and/or support being cut, bent, or
having paint on it from the snow plow;
B. The mailbox is of a standard design and installed in conformance to the standards established
through this policy by the City; and C. The mailbox and support were in good condition.

3. The City will not reimburse for mailboxes damaged along City streets when the City has determined that:
A. The mailbox was not of standard design or not installed in conformance to the standards
established through this policy by the City, even though it might have been damaged by City
snow plowing equipment;
B. The mailbox and support were not in good condition;
C. The mailbox and/or support were damaged by snow or ice thrown by snow plowing
equipment; or
D. The weight of plowed snow resulted in the damage to the mailbox and/or support structure.


This policy was approved by the Mayor and Council of the City of Gibraltar and became effective on September 14, 2009.